Control Systems

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SM2 Model
   SM1 Model   BM-Solar1 Module   


 Solar control system SM2:

1-It's appropriate for controlling  the solar cycle consiste of two  tanks and two collector cycle  consist of a sensor and a tank  sensor.  


2-Smart control of heating tank  for increasing the energy  consumption when used in  conjunction with Wolf boilers. 


3-Capability of connection of types of thermal sensors   and temperature measuring equipment. 


4-Showing the amount adjusted  and annually for the module of  solar program BM-Solar and  energy management system. 


5-Capability of connection and  exchanging the informations  with other controlling system  with by e-Bus method.  


6-Connection technology Rast-5  


7- Equipped with a PT-1000  sensor for measuring the  temprature of collector and the  sensor (NTC 5k) is available  in packaging.


Solar control system SM1:

   1 -It's appropriate for controlling a solar cycle consiste of two tanks and two collector cycle consist of a sensor and a tank sensor.


 2-Smart control of heating tank for increasing the energyconsumption when used in conjunction with Wolf boilers.


3-Capability of connection of types of thermal sensors and temperature measuring equipment.


4-Showing the amount adjusted and annually for the module of solarprogram BM-Solar and energymanagement system.   

5-Capability of connection andexchanging the information withother controlling system with by e-Bus method. 

7- Equipped with a PT-1000 sensor for measuring the temperature ofcollector and the sensor (NTC 5k) is available in packaging

Module BM-Solar:

It's used for showing datas and entering the informations by user and programming of solar cycle in two controlls SM-1 and SM-2.The advantagesof this  user interface can be outlined   as follows:

1 - Having digital monitor


2 - Capability of setting by functional keys and rotating button.


3 - Capability of connection andexchanging the informations with other controlling system as e-Bus. 

4 - Capability of installing on the wall  and exchanging with SM-1 and SM-2  controlling systems by remote control.