Solar collectors

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Efficiency and high quality Economic solution for water heating in swimming pools

The most important part of each solar heating system is collector and its duty in the solar hot water system is recieveing solar energy and transfering it to the fluid.The German solar collectors ,Wolf, are made of shatterproof glasses of high purity in order to achieve a 0.97 coefficient of light and absorbent aluminum page in these collectors are made of specific spectral coverage in order to absorb the maximum of sunlight and the minimum of thermal energy issuing.The route of water flow is designed in copper spiral pipes for transfering the heat to the fluid more.Below the pipes, is set the  rock wool insulator with high density and thickness of 60  to decrease the energy lost of collector.All these components are connected seamlessly to increas efficiency and lifetime of collector by using a 6 ton presse,So that it will have the required efficiency in the worst weather conditions, in the vicinity of wind and storm, rain and intense sun.Solar collectors have five years garanty of German Wolf Co. and  engineering services for designing and performancing efficient systems according to the requests of clients and after sales service to ensure product efficiency  for consecutive years ,are performed by Mabna Co. The flat hot water solar collecters are availlable in three models, Top Son F3-Q ,CFK-1 and Top Son F3-1.The F3-Q should install horizontally and the other two collectors should install vertically.